1. Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

The present General Conditions of Sale govern the contractual relations between :

- The company INTUITIVE TRACE SARL with the capital of 1 147 €, whose head office is with 3, Place of Raffour - 69420 Condrieu, Siret 531 697 779 000 19 RCS Lyon, N° of Intracommunity VAT FR 32 531 697 779 - Tél. 06 45 82 35 45
Mail :
Our offices are located at 16, chemin du camping in Condrieu. Reception on appointment because we are often in external services.
Our usual opening hours from March to October: Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 12:00 am and from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

- The customer of the company Intuitive Trace
Any request for quotation and/or reservation from the customer implies the acceptance of the entirety of the present General Conditions of Sale.
These General Conditions of Sale will prevail over all other conditions appearing in any other document, except prior, express and written derogation.

The services offered by Intuitive Trace are only available upon reservation. The request for a quote does not constitute a reservation.
The services we offer can be booked at our office or through the online booking system on our website (hereinafter the "website" or the "website"). Our services can also be booked on the websites of our partners, in particular the ad'hoc Tourist Offices.
All reservations must be requested by the client, accompanied by the payment of the deposit and/or the totality of the reservation (according to the requirements of the high season).
To be considered as a "firm reservation", it must be confirmed by us by e-mail. This will mean that the level of payment requested will be validated.
Whether it is paid partially or in full, the final payment must be made before the beginning of the service, at the latest on the day of delivery of the service.

Any service not paid within this period will be considered as not confirmed by the customer. In case of reservation via our website, a confirmation email will be systematically sent by us to confirm the final validation.
In the absence of reception of the e-mail of confirmation at least 48 hours before the date of your service, your request of reservation is not confirmed, and we invite you in this case to contact us directly by telephone.
No reservation will be taken into account by phone message.
The services provided by Intuitive Trace are offered within the limits of the vehicles and drivers available on the day of the payment of the reservation.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. The services

2.0. Insurances - applicable regulations
For its various activities, the company Intuitive Trace has subscribed to insurance policies covering its professional civil liability with approved companies.

The company Intuitive Trace exercises :
- A bike rental and EDPM activity
- A transport activity for own account.

For the realization of the proposed services, Intuitive Trace reserves the right to subcontract the service to selected professionals. In case of subcontracting, you will be informed and we will communicate you the name of the subcontractor concerned at your request. Intuitive Trace will remain your interlocutor.
The services offered by Intuitive Trace are those listed below, excluding all other services. The client remains solely responsible for his accommodation reservation and his personal travel.

Luggage transportation and bike repatriation services
The transportation services (of luggage and bikes) consist of taking your luggage and/or equipment to the place agreed upon together and transporting it during the day to your sleeping place or to any other place agreed upon together. The service can be repeated every day from stage to stage until the end of your journey, within the limits of the areas served by Intuitive Trace.
The reservation made in our offices or on the above-mentioned website, allows you to reserve the date and place of the pick-up of your luggage by our services, as well as the place of drop-off. When booking, it is imperative to specify the number of luggage to be transported. Also, concerning the bicycle to be repatriated, it will be necessary to specify the desired meeting point as well as the type of bicycle and its value. Depending on the criteria, it is possible that we decline to take charge of your equipment. We invite you to contact us before the realization of your request.
Without complete information from the client, Intuitive Trace will not be able to provide the service.
The luggage can be either a suitcase, a sports bag or a backpack.
The luggage must have a maximum weight of 15 kg, be in good condition, closed and in one volume.
Any additional bag or equipment is considered as extra luggage and will be charged as such.
In case of overweight, Intuitive Trace will ask the client to do what is necessary to respect the 15 kg limit. This may include the transportation of an additional piece of luggage at the same rate as your first piece of luggage.
The luggage must contain only accessories, clothing, no perishable goods, no currency, no valuables, no illegal products, no animals, no explosives.
The customer agrees that his luggage does not contain valuable objects (over 50 €), fragile objects or medicines.
In case of luggage containing valuable or particularly fragile objects, we invite you to declare it before the transport, so that the necessary measures can be taken if necessary.

The luggage to be transported must be made available to our services at 8:00 am in the luggage room of your accommodation or any other place provided by the accommodation. It will be returned to the accommodation you have indicated before 6:00 pm. In case of absence, it will be deposited in the luggage room of the accommodation or in any other place reserved for this purpose by the accommodation.
The luggage to be transported must be clearly identified by means of a blank piece of paper bearing the following information:
- Your first and last name,
- The reference of your reservation (the e-ticket transmitted at the time of your order)
- Your cell phone number,
- The number of bags to be transported (if you are in a group).
Any luggage that is not clearly identified will not be transported and the customer will remain responsible for his luggage.
Intuitive Trace is responsible for the luggage during transportation. The client remains responsible for his luggage, especially in case of theft or damage at the place of accommodation, the place of pick up or drop off, and especially in the luggage room of this place (pick up or drop off).

The reservation of the repatriation of bicycle(s) must be booked online on the internet. The e-ticket provided at the time of your request must be attached to the bike for pick-up.
The e-ticket for the bike pick-up includes all the accessories to be returned with the bike. Any other accessory not mentioned on the reservation must be removed.

3. Operation of the online reservation (Addock Open Systems software from the company Alliance Réseaux).

The services related to cycling extend along the ViaRhona, exclusively on the Vienne-Avignon median section.
Online booking is possible for the following services: bike rentals, luggage transportation, bike pick-up.

The places served by Intuitive Trace are the following accommodations: gites, campsites, hotels and bed and breakfasts, excluding any other place. The SNCF TER stations of the Line 5 Vienne-Avignon are also taken into account for the return of the bikes.

A summary of the selected services with the related price will be sent to you by email upon receipt of your request.
You will then have to proceed to the online payment, at least for 50% of the total amount of the requested service.
The registration of the reservation request implies the acceptance of the entirety of the present General Conditions of Sale. The data recorded by the above-mentioned computer system constitute the proof of the transactions made on the website between Intuitive Trace and its customers. Having correctly filled in the data concerning you, you will receive by email a copy of your transaction.
No reservation will be taken into account without payment.
In case of payment, Intuitive Trace confirms the acceptance of your reservation by an email recapitulating your reservation as well as its payment to the email address you have indicated. IN THE ABSENCE OF THIS CONFIRMATION EMAIL YOUR SERVICE IS NOT COMMITTED.

4. Rates

All our prices are available on the website and on quotation for your personalized service.
The prices are expressed in Euros.
The prices indicated include VAT at the rate fixed by the regulations in force.
The total price indicated in the summary of the reservation is the final price, except for new elements on the day of the service: additional luggage and/or bicycle(s), overweight luggage(s), luggage(s) requiring specific handling or care. This price includes the total price for the reserved service(s) with the details of each service.
Intuitive Trace reserves the right to modify its rates at any time, excluding the rates of the services already booked.

5. Means and modalities of payment

The following payment methods are accepted: Cash, bank transfer, credit cards (Visa and Master Card).
The services are payable at the latest 8 calendar days before the beginning of the service. No service is definitively booked before payment. Any request for service not paid within these deadlines will be considered as not confirmed by the customer and cancelled.
In the case of payment by credit card or bank transfer, the reservation is considered confirmed only after the acceptance of the payment or the transfer and the confirmation of the reservation by Intuitive Trace.
Intuitive Trace reserves the right to refuse or cancel any new reservation from a client with whom a dispute exists.

6. Modalities and costs of cancellation - Right of withdrawal

The client has a period of fourteen (14) days from the payment of the service to exercise his right of withdrawal unless the service has been fully executed before the end of the withdrawal period and the client has, prior to the execution of the service, expressly waived his right of withdrawal. If the entire service is not performed, the customer pays the professional an amount corresponding to the service provided until the communication of his decision to withdraw.

Without prejudice to the withdrawal period when it is applicable, any reservation can be canceled by email, without justification by the customer under the following conditions:
- At least 15 days before the service: Deposit (50%) lost.
- Less than 15 days before the service: the totality of the payment is due.
According to the cancellation conditions indicated above, the possible refunds will intervene according to the same mode of payment used by the customer, except agreement of the customer for any other mode. The customer will provide all the necessary data to the service of the company Intuitive Trace.
For any refund, a fee of 15 € will be retained on the client's account, in addition to the amounts due for the respect of the cancellation period.

Any modification of the service will lead to a fee of 15 €. A modification of the service by Intuitive Trace in order to meet the new request of the client will not be considered as a cancellation of the service.

7. Force Majeure

Intuitive Trace shall not be held responsible, or considered to have failed in its obligations, for any delay or non-performance when the cause of the delay or non-performance results from a case of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence of the French courts. In addition and for the purposes of this Agreement, the inability of the Service Provider to perform its obligations due to bad weather, strikes, road works, traffic density and road accidents, and all events beyond the reasonable control of Intuitive Trace, shall be considered as Force Majeure.
In case of Force Majeure, Intuitive Trace will inform the Client as soon as possible and will make its best efforts to fulfill its obligations but they may be delayed or cancelled without compensation.

8. Applicable law - language of the contract

The present general conditions of intervention are written in French language. They are subject to the French Law. The fact that Intuitive Trace or the Client does not avail itself at a given time of any of the clauses of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of the right to avail itself of these same clauses at a later date.

9. Complaints

All claims or questions can be sent by mail to the company Intuitive Trace, 16 chemin du camping, 69420 Condrieu, by phone at 06 45 82 35 45, or by mail at

10. Litigation - mediation on consumption

In case of dispute between Intuitive Trace and the customer, an amicable solution will have to be privileged before any legal action.
In case of dispute with Intuitive Trace, the customer can resort to the mediation service of the CNPM MEDIATION CONSOMMATION.
In the absence of agreement between the parties, the dispute may be brought before the competent court.
It is reminded that recourse to mediation is only possible on condition that the claim has not been previously examined by a judge or another mediator and subject to having first attempted to resolve the dispute directly with Intuitive Trace by means of a written claim. The request for mediation must intervene in the last 12 months of the written complaint. The mediation interrupts the prescription.
The customer can also consult the site of the platform of settlement of the disputes at the following address:

11. Protection of personal data

The personal data collected from the customer is necessary for the execution of the service and the establishment of the corresponding invoice.
The customer's personal data are collected via the website or directly from our services and they are likely to be the subject of a computer processing intended to
- to carry out operations relating to the management of the customers concerning: the realization of the services; the invoices; the accountancy and in particular the management of the customer accounts;
- the sending of our newsletter containing information on our news;
- the elaboration of commercial statistics and/or to allow the evolution of the content of our services;
- the follow-up of the customer relationship and the customer's situation, the realization of satisfaction surveys, the management of complaints and possible further questions from customers;
- the management of requests relating to your rights concerning the processing of your personal data;
- management of unpaid bills and disputes;
- the management of the opinions of the people on the proposed services.
The personal information collected is necessary to process your requests.
The recipient of the data is Intuitive Trace as well as its subcontractors for the execution of a service (transport service for example...) This subcontractor is indicated to the customer when booking the service concerned. The duration of data retention is limited to the time necessary for the operations for which they were collected and in compliance with the regulations. In this respect, customer data is kept for the duration of the contractual relationship plus five (5) years, without prejudice to retention obligations or limitation periods.
In accordance with the regulations, you have a right of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, and a right to portability of information concerning you and that you can exercise by contacting the person responsible for processing:
By mail: Mr. Manager, intuitive Trace company, 16 chemin du camping, 69420 Condrieu. 
By e-mail:
You have the faculty to withdraw at any time your consent on the treatment of your data.
The requirement to provide your data has a purely contractual character and conditions the execution of the service. The customer may object, free of charge and without justification, to the processing of data concerning him. This opposition, as well as the failure to provide mandatory information (marked with a sign* in the collection form), will result in the impossibility of processing the customer's requests. The data is not subject to automated decision making and in particular to profiling. In the event of a complaint concerning the processing of your data, you may contact the competent supervisory authority.

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